Motivation Monday (hey its back!)


Going to try to remember this during my 6am workouts #week2



4 out of 5 Canadians live near this…that’s amazing!

Canada nears completion of world’s longest recreational trail system

Bridge to Niagara Falls

Today was a big workout day for me. I did the usual Thursday Jillian Michaels BodyShred class at the gym on my lunch break with my gym gals. The instructor they have doing it now makes it so that it Shred is actually do-able yet still very challenging and today I challenged myself. 

Ever since I started going to BodyFlow and doing different yoga DVDs or YouTube videos at home, I have wanted to become more flexible but wit LHO weight lifting and cardio taking over, I wasn’t really noticing my flexibility increasing. It’s been about a year that I have been going to flow and doing yoga (far from religiously) and today I saw and felt the difference and challenged myself out of nowhere to do it. 


A bridge! Never ever ever ever in my life have I been able to do this. Easy for some yogis and others but not me. It was a regular move in BodyFlow class and lots of yoga videos I have seen and done me, I always just stuck to the lower less impact move of keeping shoulders on the ground and sending that butt up towards the sky. 

Today our instructor showed that lower impact move and then said, “or join me in a bridge” and I just went with it. Didn’t give it a second thought and went with it. 

Super pumped! 

Anyways that my good news for the day, I cousins wait to get home and tell hubby about it, but the best reward was after I showed him and my kids, the kids ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and told me how proud they were of me lol. Bless their little tiny hearts that they have kind of kindness in their hearts to be proud of their mama for something they don’t really understand but thought was totally cool (my 5 year old did it perfect on her first try πŸ˜‹). We collapsed into a hug fest on the floor. 

Also, the date and the run is set, Niagara Falls half marathon (alongside the Niagara Marathon) early fall 2017. New goal, new workouts, new flexibility (and a new running mate, my main squeeze has decided to make this his goal too-yay babe-maybe some cute pictures of him too may hit the blog ladies 😘)! 

I guess I’m back running and it feels awesome! 


PS I’m documenting this all on my new IG page legsmovingmama as well. Come follow me there! 

Round #2?

So I have decided to go on another running adventure. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly or what it looks like but it’s in the works. 

The fact is…..I miss training. I miss running. I miss documenting it all. I miss having successes in running. I miss hitting milestones. I miss making goals and crushing them. I miss the time outside in the world (even though I was running by it). Most of all…..I miss blogging! To whoever read almost every post I ever did (I had 86 views by one person in a week this past July!),you are he reason I got back into this. You reminded me of the dozens of messages I got from total strangers telling me my blog was the reason they could achieve their goals. Round #2 is dedicated to you! 

I want to be setting goals and attaining them  knowing I have an ultimate goal in mind. This happened the last time through races that I was doing at least once a month, some months I would do three races. 

I am not worried about getting outside running right away in this 40 degree Celsius weather, I have never liked that. But I’ve been treadmill running and am actually starting to have it grow on me. I’ll get outside and pound the pavement when the cooler days come. 

Anyways, that’s what is happening. I started a new IG account: legsmovingmama if you want to follow me. I am going to document videos and pictures (good or bad) of this running adventure (whatever it turns out to be) on there. 

Happy running! 


Went to spin…

Didn’t die! Yay me! First spin class in months and months done at Goodlife today on my lunch break. A success. Although my ankle injury didn’t allow me to get up out of the saddle, I kept my resistance the same as everyone, gave it my all and stayed seated. So for anyone who spins, there were lots of tall, growing rolling hills that I had to go up and conquer. But I did. It felt nice to have my foot strapped into that pedal and have it feel secure, not moving and it still feels great now a few hours after the workout. 

So I’ll have to add some spin into my life, good for the sweat, good for calorie burning and good to feed my need for cardio. 

I’m thinking about doing some other work at the gym I am usually to scared to do, like kettle bells, weights and other stationary things that are heavy πŸ˜‚. This is my opportunity to try something new, my bum ankle is giving me that (if I want to put a positive spin on not being able to run). I have pinned a few workouts on my board on Pinterest (that out me over the 3,000 pin Mark 😬) that look interesting that I can print off and take to the gym with me. Anyone out here have anything they follow that would be ankle friendly for a gal like me trying to stay on track? All options welcomed! 

Anyways thinking about starting that tomorrow. I can’t go to my regular Thursday Jillian Michaels Shred class on my lunch so I’ll be launching into something new! I’ll let you know! 

PS Day 6 clean eating and myfitnesspal logging almost in the bag! Staying focused! 😎


Me to ankle:”I got a bit cocky”

This weekend was a success clean eating wise and a semi-fail workout wise. Saturday morning I blew this house popstand and went to the gym. First class in weeks and weeks, actually almost two months: Bodycombat. Ya that’s right. Bodycombat. 

I said to Matt that I was going to take it easy on my ankle, which I feel like I did. I needed this class. I wanted to sweat and struggle and cringe and curse (not out loud) at the instructor and be in the pain the next day cause I kicked so much ass. All of those things I did. The kicker was that about 25 minutes into the 60 minute class my ankle began to shout at me “remember me!”  A slight warning that maybe I was doing too much. If you have never done a combat class before I feel bad for you because it is so awesome, but also it is a mixed martial arts based workout. So lots of punching, pivoting, kicking and just all around ass-kicking. I was so conscious of the fact that I too was kicking ass that I didn’t realize how much my pivoting, as little as it may have been, was doing some damage to my still very injured ankle. By 40 minutes in, I was bowing out of an all legs track with the instructor giving me the evil eye. I thought if I gave it a short break that I could keep up. Which is what I did, and I paid for it all day: a mild swelling, aching on the inside of my left foot and pain pain pain 😒. Although it felt AMAZING  to be back at the gym, I knew I had pushed it too hard on my foot today. Disappointing but just makes me understand more that I need more time and I need to just switch to something less intense that my ankle can handle. No harm no foul. 

I ate like a (healthy) champ this weekend. 3 days clean eating (minus a few chips at a birthday party last night) but this whole “it’s a new year!” thing that happened over the last few days has really changed my mindset and pulled me out of the horrifying eating and not caring slump that I was in. I bought a new weigh scale (digital, fancy but cheap!), have tracked my food and fitness on myfitness pal 3 days in a row and made it to the gym:success all around! 

My plan is to log in under my set goals for  each day, get my ankle strong and stay ok with the idea that I may not be running again for a long time but doing this is better then doing nothing (which I have pretty much been doing since June). I posted is on my IG today, thought it was fitting: 


So please read on with my progress if you want (my other goals are to keep up my awesome blog! Lol).  Knowing people are out there really keeps me motivated too πŸ™‚


Goodbye 2015, now what?Β 

Everyone has flooded their FB status’ and IG accounts with well wishes for the New Year, recounting memories from 2015 and what their new plans are for 2016. I know a lot of people are not into making New Years resolutions or new personal goals for a new year approaching-I am not one of those people. I love the idea of starting fresh, growing each year, and setting new goals, anyone who has read my blog knows this about me. This year I am feeling a little lost, a little different and a little unsure. 

I feel like I have lost my way a little over the last two months. I don’t feel settled, I don’t feel like I am working on anything, I feel unhealthy, I feel anxious. A lot of things I’m not used to feeling so it has been hard. This November, the first week, I sprained my ankle for the second time really badly. It was right after I was feeling this same way a few months ago. Not having a clear path, not running, not having successes with my workouts, not feeling mentally healthy. I knew the change was that I wasn’t running and I was missing that love of solitude, sweat, and accomplishment. So as I do, I made the change, put my running shoes on and went and I was repaid by tears, a swollen foot and defeat. My defeat felt like the defeat I feel like I have had for years about my weight and health. It has been 20 years of worrying about what to eat, what not to eat, working out, not working out, clothes not fitting, weight, diets, comparisons etc. The ankle sprain just reinforced it all and was just one more thing I now had to worry about knocking me down a peg from finally feeling self confident. And it won. 

It has been weeks now of physio, ankle work at home, not running, not even going to the gym and eating worse then I ever have before, almost having no control yet being conscious of it the whole time. It’s as if I haven’t cared and don’t care. I’m in a bad rut and don’t know how to get out. 

I’m really not the same person that I was when this year started. I am stronger, I am healthier, I am more focused. Or at least I thought I was….

Since having to take running out of my life I have become second guessing of myself, anxious, over eating, less confident and just all around pissed off and over fitness, diet, physical activity in general. But with that, I know that I need it get back to confident, eating healthy and self assured. 

So cleaning up a bit around the house today I saw all my running medals, bibs, pictures around the house of me running, clothes that just fit better “then”, and all of the other things that remind of me the amazing accomplishments and things I did in 2015. It was happy yet bitter time cleaning πŸ™‚ 

So today, I am eating healthy and clean for the first time in two months, getting my blogging and opening up going again and beginning my year the same way I have started since New Year’s Eve 2013, the Running Room Resolution Run. It is not going to be the same because it isn’t my first race like it was all the way back two years ago, neither is it something I am all that pumped about. I am going to have walk probably 90% of it because my ankle is nowhere near running ready. This pisses me off to no end but I have to do the best that I can right now and this is what it is, a walking 5km. And I’ll be with my Mom and my kids. That tradition has always been worth just attending this run. 

So there it, I feel like I have started over again 60 million times and to be honest I am sick of it. I just always think, “when am I going to get it” but I also think that every time I start over at least I am not giving up so I’ll run with that. 

Happy New Year everyone and hopefully you can make a personal goal to make 2016 a great personal year for yourself.